• The company has developed and certificated in Germany the first fumehood in Russia which corresponds to European norms EN 14175, (part 3)
  • Rebranding devices of domestic manufacture. Instead of the old name "LAB", devices are made under a new brand «LOIP».
  • New high-quality devices which are able to meet competition with the best international laboratory equipment: a new thermostats LOIP LT-100, LT-200, LT-300, LT-400 have been launched.
  • The company took part in the largest world forum of laboratory equipment - 21st international exhibition «Analytica-2008» from 1st till 4th April in Munich (Germany).
  • More than 1000 laboratories and manufactures are equipped every year.
  • Dozens of thousands devices are delivered to the customers annually. Among them more than the half are of LOIP production.
  • We start the batch production of powerful cryostats LOIP LF-312-80 for precise temperature control within the range -80...+100°С and apparatus LOIP LP-381 for determination of existent gum content in gasoline fuels by the Jet Evaporation method according to ASTM D381, ISO 6246 and related specifications.
  • The production of LAB-series instruments includes three complementary directions: petroleum testing equipment, thermostatic equipment (water baths, thermostats and cryostats) and general purpose lab equipment
  • We celebrate our tenth anniversary;
  • Representative offices are opened in Barnaul and Surgut.
  • The next step to service quality improvement is made. The company was certified in accordance with quality management standard ISO 9001:2000
  • A new series of instruments is manufactured: heating mantle LAB-FH-Euro, specialized bath for density determination at low temperature.
  • The beginning of the work according to ISO 9001.
  • The "Polymers" department is created.
  • New upcoming trends are open up, exclusive contracts with big suppliers (Coesfeld, Polytest, Elementar, Barloworld) are made, the order processing mechanism is improved.
  • The sales geography is extended considerably.
  • New representative offices are open in Samara and Novosibirsk; it allows drawing the company production nearer to the region ultimate user.
  • The branched dealer system is realized.
  • The line of instruments for oil industry laboratories (ЛАБ-ТЖ-ТС-01ДНП, АРН-ЛАБ-1) is enlarged, the issue of specialized catalogue is made.
  • The contracts with German company Nabertherm about delivery of laboratory equipment is made.
  • Quality department is created.